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Fun Photos

I lost my job today . . . :

I_Lost_My_Job_Today.jpg (44482 bytes)  I_Lost_My_Job_Today_2.jpg (38373 bytes)  I_Lost_My_Job_Today_3.jpg (44625 bytes)  I_Lost_My_Job_Today_4.jpg (21240 bytes)  I_Lost_My_Job_Today_5.jpg (59120 bytes)  I_Lost_My_Job_Today_6.jpg (47975 bytes)

Man of the Year awards:

Man_of_the_Year_2.jpg (48332 bytes)  Man_of_the_Year_1.jpg (51354 bytes)  Man_of_the_Year_3.jpg (48041 bytes)

Why women live longer:


Driving_In_Iraq.jpg (30114 bytes)  Florida_Proof_Voting.jpg (19391 bytes)  God-Votes-on-Gore-vs.-Bush.jpg (29741 bytes)  Saddam_And_George.jpg (62289 bytes)  Kerry_Truck.jpg (26871 bytes)

Your house as seen by:  

Yourself Your Buyer Your Lender Your Appraiser Your Tax Assessor

Just how big IS the earth, really? :

Stick figure humor:


Big_Gator.jpg (48016 bytes) Blackout_From_Space.jpg (44839 bytes) Dilbert.jpg (65899 bytes) Fire.jpg (46180 bytes) Help_Wanted.jpg (77207 bytes)
Big Gator Blackout from Space Tech Support Forrest Fire Help Wanted
Great_Paint_Job_1.jpg (44799 bytes) Great_Paint_Job_2.jpg (56999 bytes) Santa.jpg (42305 bytes) Great_Paint_Job_3.jpg (19879 bytes) Kangaroo.jpg (40171 bytes)
Paint Job 1 Paint Job 2 Paint Job 3 Paint Job 4 Siesta
Irish_Virus.jpg (40825 bytes) Santa's_Dead.jpg (49814 bytes) Gas_Prices.jpg (22443 bytes) Snakes.jpg (51503 bytes) Wishing_Well.jpg (51724 bytes)
Irish Virus Santa's Dead? Expensive Gas? Snakes Wishing Well
Hitch.jpg (56701 bytes) Man-Woman.jpg (36382 bytes)
Driving too fast? Hitch Where 3 are gathered . . . Man vs. Woman

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