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1970-71 Hess Fire Truck

This fire truck is a replica of one of the actual fire engines at Hess' Port Reading, N.J. and other refineries and storage facilities. This truck has a rotating light in its red dome, a swiveling water cannon, two detachable rubber hoses on one side and a detachable ladder on the other. This is considered one of Hess' best models and is prized as a collector item by both Hess truck collectors as well as fire truck collectors. In 1971 they ran out of the regular printed boxes and substituted a plain box with a Seasons Greetings label. These are worth today many times over what the regular truck sells for. This was the last of the Louis Marx & Co. toys. This particular truck's box has the 'Caution' label which was added after Hess had legal problems stemming from small children swallowing some of the small chrome parts.

Original Price: $1.89 with 300,000 made each year by Louis Marx & Co., in Hong Kong. Condition: nMIB