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1995 Hess Toy Truck & Helicopter
(All Chrome)

Considered one of the most popular models, this year's truck is finely detailed and features a helicopter with flashing lights, a front-mounted search light, a rotating main rotor blade and a rear spinning rotor. A sliding ramp to off-load the helicopter is neatly installed in the truck's trailer. In this model "HESS 1995" is displayed underneath the helicopter and on the license plate of the truck. A record 600,000 trucks were sold in the first three days of sales.

Unique to this particular model, the entire surface of the truck and helicopter is chrome. This truck was supposedly made for a select group of people that were working on a project for Hess, but I don't know this to be true. Of all of the trucks, far fewer were made of these and they are most rare. A green velvet base comes with this truck. I've also seen this truck on a traditional cardboard base, with a silver wrapping paper. The particular truck I saw was a personal gift from Leon Hess, so I suspect a chrome 1995 truck on a cardboard base is most rare. These trucks often have problems with the quality of the chrome, with scratches or other defects. The number produced is up for debate. My truck used to be owned by the designer of the original Hess trucks.

Original Price: $0.00 with 600-3,000 made in China. Condition: MIMB