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2006 Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter

This year's toy truck features a large white and green tractor with flashing headlights, a flatbed trailer equipped with sequencing landing lights, and a fully-functioning, battery-powered helicopter with operating rotors and rear stabilizers. In addition, this truck features chrome detailing with red free-rolling wheels, push-button activation for flashers and 31 working lights on the tractor trailer - the most ever. Also includes two rotor modes and folding blades for the helicopter as well as batteries.

Unique to this model year is the fact that Hess misspelled the word 'helicopter' on the box. The large print 'HELICOPTER' is spelled correctly in red; in the small black print Hess misspelled it 'HELICOPTOR'. If you ever find a box with the correct spelling, let me know and I'll buy it from you.

Original Price: $21.99 with 1,600,00 made in China. Condition: MIMB