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2006 Hess NYSE Toy Truck and Racers

This special edition truck was not available for purchase by the general public. 3,000 were made to commemorate the company's name change from Amerada Hess to Hess Corporation, and were given to NYSE members. Hess used unused original 1997 truck bodies for this model, as the year on the bottom is 1997. The only differences between this truck and the 1997 truck is the plain box that it comes in, the fact that the racers have the AHC and HES symbols on their sides instead of HESS GASOLINE and the 2006 truck is the first to have HESS CORPORATION on its side. You'll often see this truck paired with the 2006 chrome mini First Hess Truck that also celebrates the name change.

Original Price: $0.00 with 3,000 made in China. Condition: MIMB