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Antique Tool Collection


My old tool collection has officially begun with the purchase of the wooden plow plane below. This is a plane last owned by a woodworker named R.J. Cox (who was at least the second owner of the plane, having overwritten the name of the previous owner). The plane feels great in my hand and I look forward to making some shavings with it soon. You can only stop and wonder how many pieces of fine cabinetry this plane has contributed to and the stories it could tell.

With the help of WoodCentral's hand tool forum I've been able to establish the plane as an English Stothert Bath plane built prior to 1857 using an iron forged by Wayne & Payne sometime after the 1840's, sold through C & C Wright of Boston, England. That puts the date in the 1840's or 1850's (assuming the iron hasn't been replaced).

Plow_Plane_Right_Side.jpg (24417 bytes)
Right Side
Plow_Plane_Left_Side.jpg (25411 bytes)
Left Side
Plow_Plane_Bottom_2.jpg (22685 bytes)
Bottom 1
Plow_Plane_Bottom.jpg (22057 bytes)
Bottom 2
Plow_Plane_Top.jpg (20588 bytes)
Plow_Plane_Owner.jpg (21998 bytes)
Owner Markings
Plow_Plane_Markings.jpg (18998 bytes)
Plane Markings
Plow_Plane_Markings_Close.jpg (27415 bytes)
Plane Markings
(Up Close)

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