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Jamaica Trip - Page 2

The Pool
Pool_Side.jpg (68421 bytes)
Plenty of seating for everyone.

Pool_Waterfall.jpg (72630 bytes)
View from the bridge.

Rain_or_Waterfall.jpg (62291 bytes)
Waterfall or rain?

Rick_on_Rope_Bridge.jpg (95358 bytes)
Prisoner of Rick's own making.

On our first sunny day we snapped some shots of the pool. This is one of three, though certainly the most utilized and where the volleyball games were played. The temperature of the pool or ocean water wasn't as warm as we would have thought, however you don't care once the hot Caribbean sun starts heating things up.

Of course had we known we'd only have 2 days of sun . . .

Rick did participate in the daily water volleyball games (Rick was on the winning team twice and received exactly what you'd expect down here as a prize: bottles of rum. Rum is everywhere as is common in the Caribbean.)

The Grande Jamaican Resort is a four-star resort, and offers everything one would need to be able to experience an enjoyable vacation here in the West Indies.

We are particularly thankful that Marriott decided to purchase the Renaissance chain of hotels and resorts a few years back allowing us to use Marriott points to cover the cost of the stay.

Rick&Dara_by_Pool.jpg (86369 bytes)
Now there's a handsome couple!



Rick_by_the_Pool.jpg (83066 bytes)
Handsome football player . . .

Dara_by_the_Pool.jpg (95611 bytes)
. . . or lucky football player?

Dara_by_the_Pool_2.jpg (88488 bytes)
No, it's NOT a mini-skirt!

  The Beach  
Dara_Sunbathing.jpg (63953 bytes)
Bathing Beauty.

Dara_Floating_Away.jpg (83063 bytes)
Nothin' like the feelin'.

Rain_Rain_Go_Away.jpg (60602 bytes)
What to do when it rains.

The beach was the place to go to get sun-burned, and we did our part to ensure that we made the most of it.

Dara_Contemplating_the_Beach.jpg (60188 bytes)
Taking it all in.

Dara_Acting_Like_a_Fish.jpg (61920 bytes)
Is that a mermaid I see?

Crab.jpg (72873 bytes)
Can you find the crab?

The beach is fun at night as well; less crowded, little chance of sunburn and you've no competition for the rental boats!!

Dara_Beach_Shelter.jpg (46491 bytes)
She'll be getting no sunburn today.

Rick_Lifeguard_Station.jpg (68748 bytes)
"This is a tale of a sailing ship . . ."

Night_on_the_Beach.jpg (28934 bytes)
Tableside view.


Sunset_is_Nigh.jpg (40197 bytes)
Sunset is nigh.

Dara_on_the_Night_Beach.jpg (20402 bytes)
"Hmmm. I wonder how cold my friends are back home?"

Night_on_the_Beach_2.jpg (39594 bytes)
Ambiance compliments of the Palm.

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