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What fun is working with wood if you can't enjoy the company of others? Here are 20 sites where woodworkers of all stripes can get together, in-person or online.

The American School of Lutherie Want to build yourself a stringed instrument? Perhaps here's where you should start.
Badger Pond Unfortunately, this great site has been retired, however all of the terrific content is available at WoodCentral and via a CD that can be ordered from WoodCentral.
Craft Emergency Relief Fund A non-profit, tax-exempt organization providing immediate support to professional craftspeople suffering career-threatening emergencies.
DIY Forum A place for talking about your next Do-It-Yourself project.
Forestry Forum This forum is dedicated to everything related to harvesting wood.

The Electronic Neanderthal Woodworker Dedicated to the use and preservation of old and antique woodworking tools.

International Guild of Miniature Artisans Dedicated to promoting fine miniatures as an art form.
Marc Adams Woodworking School A world-renown education for a reasonable investment.
Midwest Tool Collectors Association Dedicated to the study of, the preservation of, and the understanding of the tools of our heritage.
National Association of Independent Artists I particularly like the gallery; a wide variety of pieces. And if you'd like to join, here's the place to go.
National Paint & Coatings Association The preeminent organization representing the paint and coatings industry in the United States.
North House Folk School Located on Lake Superior in Minnesota, this school is focused on teaching a variety of traditional northern crafts like boat building, basketry and much more.
Wood Magazine Online This site, managed by Marlen Kemmet, is where I go first for home improvement help. The fact that all of the threads are categorized by a number of individual categories provides greater focus on the type of help required. This makes it much easier to see your post that you posted several days before.

WoodNet Woodworking forum dispensing helpful advice from fellow 'sawdusters' (hey, if this term ever takes off, remember where you saw it first ;-).

WoodCentral This site, managed by Ellis Walentine, offers up a forum where some well-known experts participate to bring the best advice to the table. If there's a finishing question in need of an answer, this is where I turn first. Added bonus: Shop Shots detailing some very impressive work by forum participants. 

Woodweb Clearly targeted toward the professional, with a variety of forums, information and exchanges helpful to those that need to make a buck to keep the lights on. Also available is woodworking software, available to try before you buy.

The WoodWorker Academy If you're lucky enough to live in Californ-I-A, you may want to check this school out. Reasonable prices for basic instruction. Personally, I'd take the hand-cut dovetail class.

Woodworking.com The person that registered this domain was quick on their feet. Also quick to dispense all sorts of information about our favorite hobby or vocation. Also access the news group rec.woodworking easily right from this site.

The Woodworking Catalog Offers a number of discussion forums including woodworking in general and buying & selling.
Woodworking Teachers Network With school woodworking programs getting the axe, here's a good place to go for moral support.

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