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A little bit of this, a little bit of that; you'll find many of these 36 links worthy of your viewing pleasure.

AB Goodman HouseplanZ Here is some useful home planning information, links and library of architectural house plans. The staff is available to answer questions, revise stock plans or custom design your new home.
Accents Woodcraft, Water Gardens & Fun Visit this site for helpful information on designing, installing and maintaining your pond. 
Allcrafts.net A guide to most any craft, from needlework to rubber stamping.
Bench Notes A nice site offering a variety of woodworking links and information.
Bonfante Gardens This is the new home of the famous 'circus trees'. These are trees that were grown in amazing shapes over the course of one man's lifetime. On your next California visit, you'll want to visit here.
Chipping Away Inc. Everything you ever wanted, or needed, to know about chip carving.
CustomMade.com Are you a woodworker looking for clients? Potential client looking for a woodworker? Start your search here by browsing through the impressive gallery of completed works.
dmoz.org Woodworking Page dmoz.org provides a comprehensive directory of sites of all types including the woodworking sites highlighted on this page. Only the best sites pass the editors' discerning eye, so you know it's worth a visit.
Finisher's Corner If you've a finishing question, go to Michael Dresdner for the answer, one of America's foremost experts on the subject. 
The Gamble House The only home built by the Greene brothers that is open to the public. Originally built for David & Mary Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble Company in 1908. Very cool.

Grimm's Fairy Tales A collection of 12 of the Grimm brothers' stories from a 1914 edition, before 'political correctness' took the hard edges off.

Handyman Business Startup Kit If you're thinking of starting your own handyman business, take a gander here and see if this startup kit might not make the transition easier.
How to Build a Workbench For anyone that needs a workbench for the shop, garage, or for the kids, here's a good place to start for the plans and materials.
Industrial Strength Woodworking Site dedicated to the business side of woodworking.
Liberty Elm Site Support the rebirth of the majestic elm tree by planting some of your own.
National Building Museum If you're an architect, you'll particularly like this site dedicated to buildings and their construction.
Nauticals of Marblehead Recycling boats into furniture gives them a second life, which is always a great alternative to the landfill.
The New Yankee Workshop This is where Norm hangs out . . . like you didn't know.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) Here you'll find all you need to know to make sure you stay safe in the workplace.
The Rocking Horse Shop Where perhaps the new age of carved rocking horses began.
The Rocking Horse Works English handmade rocking horses.
Rocking Horses Carved rocking horses waiting for a rider . . .
Sawdust Making 101 Contains a wealth of basic woodworking information for those just starting out on the slippery slope of our craft. 
Small Business & Government Grants Info A comprehensive free resource packed with dozens of guides, tools and techniques for the aspiring woodworking business.
SmokeyBear.com Everything you ever wanted to know about Smokey the Bear.
This to That This is a great, simple site that tells you what kind of glue you should use to bond This material to That material. Check it out.
WoodBin Well laid-out site offering a wealth of information on plans, software, books and more.
The Woodchuck Canuck A site of tremendous content and probably the largest collection of woodworking links anywhere, at least on this planet.
Wooden Train Tracks Why spend a small fortune making your first-born happy? Make those expensive wooden train tracks yourself with this helpful instruction.

Woodweb Clearly targeted toward the professional, with a variety of forums, information and exchanges helpful to those that need to make a buck to keep the lights on. Also available is woodworking software, available to try before you buy,

The Woodworker's Gazette If the editors of your local newspaper were avid woodworkers instead of editors, your local daily would likely look something like this. Just approach the mazes with caution or you'll never get out!
WoodworkersWorkshop.com A wealth of resources including the largest collection of woodworking links I've ever seen.

Woodworking About.com's woodworking portal. Offers something for everyone (if you don't mind those dreadful pop-ups!).

Woodworking.com The person that registered this domain was quick on their feet. Also quick to dispense all sorts of information about our favorite hobby. Also access the news group rec.woodworking easily right from this site.

The Woodworking Catalog A number of discussion forums and woodworking articles reside on this site. 

The Woodwright's Shop The popular PBS show on the web. Really takes you back to a simpler time . . . Ya just gotta love this guy!


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